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2019 Griffon Bruxellois Club of Victoria Specialty Show Announcement

...Replacement Judge 

It is with much pleasure that the committee of the GBCV announces that approval has been given for our replacement judge for our upcoming 2019 Specialty Championship Show.
Mrs Svetlana Kokonena from Latvia will have her very first judging appointment in Australia as our replacement Griffon Specialist judge.
We are very grateful to her for accepting this appointment at such short notice. 
I have included her resume in this posting so that exhibitors are aware of her judging experience and history with the Griffon Bruxellois. 

Svetlana Kokonena Resume...
My first dog came into my life when I was 14. It was mix of Japanese Chin. From this time on dogs were living in my home and my heart.
In 1999 I bought my first South Russian sheep herd dog ( YUZHNORUSSKAYA OVCHARKA)  puppy Ridz Ara, who became not only a very famous representative of the breed and gave the great progeny, but also was a wonderful ‘person’ and member of our family.
In 2003 I met my first Griffon Bruxellois and it was love at first sight.
From 2006 I became a breeder of South Russian sheep herd dogs and Griffons under kennel name DARISVET. Among my puppies and dogs, who were living and are living in our kennel we have Champions of such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Norway,Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Monaco, Russia, Belarus, San Marino and Interchampions. 
Our dogs also have European Winner and World Veteran Winner titles. My Belgian griffons Darisvet Camelot Knight and Darisvet Call Me The Destiny twice became winners at one of the biggest Speciality Shows in Europe – in the Czech Republic.
 Darisvet Call Me The Destiny in 2010 won in a competition of 150 Griffons. Also my brabancon DARISVET Just A Love became Intermediate class winner at the same show. 
The most famous of my bred dogs is DARISVET James Bond.
From 2002 until this moment I’m the president of LKF club RUSGUARD, which is incorporating owners of Russian origin guarding breeds.
From 2015 I am a member of Breeding Commission of Latvian Cynology Federation.
In 2013 I became an LKF judge for Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon Belge and Petit Brabancon. 
Now I’m a judge for all group IX and a big part of dogs from group II. From my beginning until this day I had the honor to judge dog show of different level ( CAC, CACIB, Cruft’s qualification) in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Czech Republic.
I have judged in some Speciality Shows for Griffons such as:
Russia – June, 2015
Czech Republic – January, 2016
Belarus – December, 2016
Ukraine  - April, 2018
Norway – June, 2018
Russia – February, 2019










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 Aims of the Club

We are a club whose members share the aim of promoting the Griffon Bruxellois as a premier toy dog breed that is not only a show and performance dog but is also a healthy, robust, cheerful and loyal pet. Our Club was Australia’s first dedicated Griffon Bruxellois Club and has been affiliated with Dogs Victoria since 1975. The Club’s membership isn’t only comprised of breeders and exhibitors of Griffons but also past, present and potential Griffon pet owners.

We work to encourage responsible and ethical breeding practices and continue to support veterinary research into health issues that may be relevant to our breed. Our Club donates prizes and fosters participation at exhibitions and shows involving the Griffon Bruxellois breed including our own annual Championship Show. Our Club also holds member competitions and other Griffon social gatherings as well as lectures and forums devoted to our breed. Through both our regular member subscribed newsletter and our website, we actively disseminate information for all those interested in Griffons, whether Dogs Victoria or relevant State laws and regulations, Committee deliberations, other Club activities including finding homes for rescued Griffons, information that is helpful for the grooming and care of Griffons and news regarding our members and their Griffons.

Most importantly, in all our activities including Club committee meetings and in our relationships with Dogs Victoria and other Griffon dedicated clubs throughout Australia, we work in a spirit of good fellowship, courtesy and consensus for the betterment of our Griffons.


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