Groomers page

Welcome to our newest page on this website!

The Groomers page is designed to assist owners of Griffon Bruxelllois dogs

by advertsing a list of Groomers who are both willing and able to groom a Griffon in the correct 'Griffon' groom.

Griffons can be stripped or clipped and you should discuss your preference for either

when booking your Griffon in for a groom.

The Grooming businesses listed on this page have experience in grooming a Griffon Bruxellois.

If you are a dog groomer and would like to advertise on our website

please contact us by emailing [email protected]


Welcome to Claire Parker who has her grooming salon in Darlington, NSW.


Welcome to Kate Blackley.



A big welcome to our newest recommended groomer, Angela Libimoff, who works in Melbourne, Victoria.



Contact Details


 President - Mrs Beth Canavan p[email protected]

Secretary -Mrs Robin Simpson [email protected]

0409 255 369

         Puppy enquiries - Beth Canavan [email protected]